System Requirements and How to Satisfy them

The system requirements of RefKeep are very simple - All RefKeep needs is Java (version 1.4 or higher) installed on your system. This means that RefKeep will work on ANY MACHINE and ANY OPERATING (Windows, Linux, Unix etc) for which a Java Virtual Machine has been written. Java Virtual Machines are available for a wide variety of platforms.

How do I know if I have Java on my System?

Finding out if Java is already installed varies from computer to computer. Some of the simple checks are listed below:


  • Open a Command Shell (The screen where you can type commands). Type java. If Java is installed on your system, you will get a message which lists out the options that can be used with the java command. If you get something like "File not found", it means that Java is not installed or it is installed but not in the current path (more about this scenario next). java -version will tell you the version number of the installed Java Virtual Machine.

  • Search for a file named java through the File Search usually found on the Windows Start button. If you find a file named java, you may already have Java on your system. Try running the file by double clicking on it. If it is actually Java, you will get a list of options (as in the previous check). Go to the directory where the file was located in a Command Shell and type java -version to identify the version.

    If the first check failed and the second one worked, then you have to add the path of the directory where the file java was found to the PATH variable in your autoexec.bat and reboot the system. The command java will then work from the Command Shell, whichever be the current directory.


Similar steps are to be followed for Linux as described above for Windows. If typing the command java -version produces sensible output at a command prompt, you already have Java installed. If not try searching for java using the find or locate commands.

I don't have Java. What should I do?

If you don't have Java already installed on your system, don't be worried. Getting Java is very easy - the latest version of java can be freely downloaded from You need to download only the Virtual Machine for your specific Operating System and computer if you want to only use RefKeep and do not want to modify and compile its source code. The Virtual Machine alone will be much smaller in size than the complete Java SDK (Software Development Kit, around 30MB !) required for compiling the RefKeep source code. Easy to follow instructions for installation will be contained with the downloaded file.