Bookmarking Records

RefKeep allows you to bookmark or flag important records. To bookmark the currently visible record, press the Bookmark shown below.

Figure 5. Bookmark Button

This pops up a Create Bookmark Dialog box which asks you for a comment. It is often a good idea to fill in a comment so that you don't forget why you bookmarked this record.

Figure 6. Create Bookmark Button

When a bookmarked record is displayed, the bookmark button will be in a pushed-down state. Clicking on this pushed-down button will launch a Delete Bookmark Dialog box. If you click OK, the bookmark will be deleted. However, if you click CANCEL, the bookmark is retained, along with any changes made to the comment field made in the Delete Bookmark Dialog box. This is how you edit the bookmark comments.

You can quickly view all the records you have bookmarked through the View->All Bookmarked Records. A table of bookmarked records is displayed. You can jump to any of the records by double-clicking on the appropriate row.