Backing Up a RefCollection

It is a good idea to back up your RefCollections once in a while. This will protect you from losing your valuable data in hard disk crashes and virus attacks. You can also use the back up feature to copy your entire RefCollection to another machine.

To backup the current RefCollection, click on Tools->Backup Collection. All the data associated with the particular RefCollection is compressed into a single ZIP file. Select a name for the ZIP file using the File Dialog that pops up. It is generally a good idea to use the filename of the form selected by default so that you know when the backup was done by looking at just the file name. If the Paper records of the RefCollection are associated with source files, you will be asked whether they are to be including in the backup zip file. More information on this can be found on the section on Exporting Records.

Restoring a RefCollection from a backup ZIP file is done by just unzipping the file into a (preferably new) directory. You can open the RefCollection using the File->Open Collection.