Configuring Viewers

RefKeep uses external programs to view the contents of HTML, PDF and PS files. For example when you ask RefKeep to show you the contents of the source file of a Paper record, it launches an external viewer capable of displaying the file. Since viewer programs vary widely from operating system to operating system, as well as from PC to PC, RefKeep needs to be told which programs to use for displaying the different types of files. This step is described here.

Click on the menu Tools->Configure Viewers. You will be presented with a submenu containing the names of viewers for different types of documents - PDF Viewer, PS Viewer, HTML Viewer, Web Browser and Generic Viewer. Clicking on any of these will open a File Dialog box. Using this dialog box, you must locate the program file of the viewer. For example, in Windows, Internet Explorer can be set as the web browser by selecting the file iexplore.exe. The HTML Viewer and Web Browser may be configured to refer to the same program. The Generic Browser will be used to display files of types other than PDF, PS and HTML. For example, in Linux you can set this to the Konqueror program.

The viewers need to be configured only the first time you run RefKeep. However, you can always switch to a different viewer at any time using the same procedure. For example, you initially set Internet Explorer as the Web Browser; later, plagued by the many security holes in IE, you decide to switch to Mozilla.